New Construction, Remodels, and Rennovations

Smart Construction LLC, is here to service any and all of your construction needs.  From new builds to remodels and everything in between!  Needing a new office?  We can design and build it.  New fence?  We have you covered.  Does your current residence need a face lift? Need a new home?  No problem!

It is our intent as your contractor to work closely with you, the owner; to best serve your needs. We will supervise the project and all subcontractors to ensure that any project stays on schedule and on budget. After the project is complete, we take the time to make sure the building meets the owner’s expectations.

Below is a list of services we commonly provide during the preconstruction, construction and postconstruction phases.

Project Evaluation
⦁ Identify customer needs and expectations
⦁ Define scope of project
⦁ Identify project components
⦁ Provide monthly progress reports

Constructability Review
⦁ Review construction documents
⦁ Evaluate materials, systems and delivery
⦁ Identify areas of concern
⦁ Involve subcontractors and vendors
⦁ Provide alternative solutions

Cost Control
⦁ Develop estimate cost models
⦁ Provide detailed cost breakdown
⦁ Solicit subcontractor input
⦁ Prepare final project cost estimate

⦁ Define all construction activities
⦁ Prepare preliminary schedules
⦁ Develop project sequence plan
⦁ Solicit subcontractor input

Bid Packaging
⦁ Develop bid packages
⦁ Hold prequalification interviews
⦁ Select qualified bidders
⦁ Include owner in selection of bidders

⦁ Verify compliance with federal, state and local regulations
⦁ Provide project safety plan
⦁ Prepare job site security

Project Layout
⦁ Develop site plan
⦁ Coordinate site and building layout
⦁ Oversee all activities

Project Management
⦁ Coordinate with external agencies
⦁ Direct project site
⦁ Coordinate all subcontractor activities

⦁ Update schedule as necessary
⦁ Integrate subcontractor schedules

Supply Management
⦁ Coordinate equipment and material packages
⦁ Manage equipment and material deliveries
⦁ Receive, unload, and store equipment and materials
⦁ Provide inventory control

Cost Control
⦁ Competitively bid each bid package
⦁ Provide payment to subcontractors
⦁ Provide monthly project cost reports

Quality Control Assurance
⦁ Qualify subcontractors before they
competitively bid
⦁ Evaluate subcontractor workmanship
⦁ Conduct appropriate testing

⦁ Train and monitor subcontractor safety

Owner Occupancy
⦁ Provide certificate of occupancy
⦁ Introduction to new facility
⦁ Facility orientation
⦁ Operational and maintenance training